In 1953, is a major by M the designer group, in the American family life as the background, different living habits and different preferences, and gradually developed a household life style, atmosphere and the use of instruments. Early with the production advantage of Asia area, produce the furniture that accords with M country market, develop to eat desk and chair gradually, ark kind, bed group and whole series product. In the market of country M, the company has achieved market performance in country M, gradually increasing the company's share in the market of country M.
Classification style
If we want to improve our reputation through a lot of advertising, we are more willing to invest in high-quality raw materials, structural design, exquisite technology and after-sales service.
If we want to win by production, we prefer to oncentrate on a small number of refined and novel styles.
Each of our products will make our customers feel excellent quality and reasonable price after purchasing, and will bring more convenience to their new life.

Selection of luxury materials
Selection of luxury materias
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