Foreign trade needs transformation in the new environment

Issuing time:2017-11-03 14:49

Foreign trade is really "easy". In the early years, many people made a lot of money from selling things from the south to the north. Closer in time, the first batch of English speakers do foreign trade, reselling things from home to abroad, and earn a lot of gold. It now appears that the early gainers took advantage of the era's "information asymmetry". At that time, there were few foreigners who knew China and few Chinese who wanted to do business with them. The bold man took the first step and made money.

Today, international trade is a little hard to do. At least one reason is the free flow and high transparency of information through the Internet. Imagine how easy it is for the customer to know more about the production model and the purchase channel than you do, and you still want to keep a high profit margin.

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